Platanos Go with Everything: A Heartwarming Culinary Adventure


“Platanos Go with Everything” takes readers on a heartwarming culinary adventure, where cultures blend harmoniously through the love of food. This article explores the captivating story that celebrates diversity, friendship, and the magic of delicious recipes. Join us as we dive into the pages of this book, uncovering how it beautifully showcases the power of culinary fusion to bring people together, one delightful meal at a time.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree Children’s Book Review. And today I have a book called Platanos Go With Everything. It’s written by Lisette Norman, and illustrated by Sarah Palacios. And I like this book because it talks all about how this family cooks, they prepares platanos for their friends and family, and how it brings their families together by remembering traditions from their countrie where they lived in prior to where they’re currently living. And I like it because it’s a very interesting idea. It goes across all different cultures, how people use food to bring families and friends together. In the book, the illustrations are just very rich and beautiful. It shows how the families are cooking together and how the platanos provides a comfort for them. So it’s a really pretty book, it talks about how platanos can be savory or how they can be sweet. And there’s so many different ways to serve them. It’s just a nice book about sharing and bringing people together so see if you can find it. Platanos Go with Everything. And again, it’s from Lisette Norman, and it’s it’s illustrated by Sarah Palcios it is a  beautiful book

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