Positions Match Me: Learn 16 Position Concepts and Words

Trend T58104 Trend Positions Match Me Game, Ages 3-6

Positions Match Me A fun and educational game designed to teach children 16 position concepts and words while developing spatial awareness and critical thinking skills. Acorn to Tree 123456789 $19.99 In stock
Product Description

Positions Match Me is a fun and educational game designed to teach children 16 position concepts and words such as “over,” “under,” “behind,” and “next to.” This game helps children develop spatial awareness, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities while having fun.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with a coordinate tree educational toy review. And I’m going to be showing you a toy from Trend enterprises called positions Match Game. And I think it’s great. It also won the Early Childhood award in 1998. So it’s a great toy, I want to show you different ways of planning it. So you have your boards, then you have your cards, and you put the cards in a button, the box makes them just like this, mix them up. And then one person can pull one out, and then you have the child match, see if they have it. Another way of playing with these as you can take all the position cards. And you can put them down on the table just like that. And they have to remember where the different positions are. So it’s a match game, but it’s also a memory game. You can use it for that, and it teaches them positions. So I think it’s a great thing to do. It’s an important concept to understand. And it’s something you should check out. Remember, it’s an award winner, so it’s really a great idea.

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