52 Rainy Day Activities Cards: Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day

52 Rainy Day Activities features an array of enjoyable and imaginative things to do. This fun pack is ideal for children (and their parents) stuck inside on a rainy day.

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This article is about Lynn Gordon’s 52 Rainy Day Activities Cards that provide parents with a wide range of fun and creative ideas to keep their kids entertained on a rainy day.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree educational toy review. And today I wanted to share with you 52 Rainy Day activities by Lynn Gordon. So here’s the box. It’s really beautifully decorated. And here’s all the little pieces that come with it. So they’re wonderfully illustrated cards. I’ll just grab one right there. Let’s see what it says it says Nutty Putty. So this is an idea to make some interesting putty using materials you have in your home. The purpose of these this is to encourage your children to come up with activities when it’s raining out, they can’t go outside or even if it’s snowing out, the weather’s not great. And to encourage family interaction, using their imaginations and creating different things from science projects to different snacks to eat. And it’s a great idea because it takes children back into another place where they’re all sitting and working together with the family as opposed to being independent, and using maybe their devices. So like, for example, right on top here, making your own volcano, create a circus. Some really crazy necklace ideas, making your own playdough shoebox buildings, paper chains, it’s old school, but it’s so precious these this time when they’re little. And they really want to get involved, like a really Elementary School is there, they can do paper mache animals. These are things that are seed and pasta pictures, indoor picnic, and so on and so forth. Just a great little tool really to have in the house. Keep it next to your coffee machine on those days, when the kids don’t really have any plans to go out and you need to have something you can literally sit there pick and choose together as a group and decide what activities you want to do. And most of these items are really the different activities rather are made from items you have in your house vinegar and things like that. So there’s little tea parties, etc. So see if you can find it. It’s a lot in a little package. It’s packed with different ideas 52 Rainy Day activities from Lynn Borden really terrific idea of something to keep on hand. So you can have really great ideas and they’re laminated to so they stay nice the cards. So see if you can find it. And if you liked this video, please like it and then subscribe to my channel because I’ll have lots of other educational toys that I’ll be reviewing

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