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American Idiom and Slang for ESL Learners Paperback

The publication, “American Idiom and Slang for ESL Learners”, by Harold R. Smith, is designed to help English as a Second Language (ESL) learners understand and use practical idiom and slang expressions, fundamental aspects of the English language. This publication is filled with activities and practices designed to increase ESL students’ ability to incorporate these important components of American English into their own daily speech and/or writing behaviors. According to the author of “American Idiom and Slang for ESL Learners”, idiom and slang are often believed to have the same meanings; however, there are important differences between these two language forms. Many dictionaries list slang terms as nouns or verbs. On the other hand, idioms are often described as nouns. Another distinction relates to the origins of both terms. Some sources indicate that idioms originated during the late 16th century, whereas slang usage began in the in mid-18th century. ”American Idiom and Slang for ESL Learners” provides important insight into the nuances of formal and informal English. Readers are given ample practice with popular Idioms, such as, “Let’s hang out”(socialize or wait) and preposition combinations, including “ by the skin of one’s teeth” (just barely). These expressions are simplified for for ESL users – making them easy to use in everyday speech.

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