Sad Isn’t Bad: Embracing Emotions and Healthy Coping Strategies


‘Sad Isn’t Bad’ by Michaleane Mundy is a compassionate children’s book that explores the importance of acknowledging and understanding emotions. Through relatable characters and gentle storytelling, the book teaches young readers that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes and that there are healthy ways to express and cope with their feelings. This review delves into the book’s empathetic approach, beautiful illustrations, and valuable lessons, highlighting how it can help children navigate their emotions in a positive way.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with a corner tree children’s book review. And today I have an important book it’s called sad isn’t fat. It’s a good grief guidebook for kids dealing with loss. It’s from the elf help books for kids written by michaleen, Monday Monday and illustrated by our W ally. Unknown Speaker 0:23 So here’s the book. What I like about this book is in terms of child can understand it expresses what it’s like to lose someone you love to lose a family member. And it’s something that it’s hard to find a lot of books like this that are geared towards children in language they could really relate to. So parents and teachers everywhere have asked for it now grieving kids will have a friendly and loving guide written by an expert to help them cope with loss. And so this book is just very important and it’s going to be a very helpful thing for you to have on hand. Unknown Speaker 1:00 Sad isn’t bad offers children of all ages and people who love and care for them a comforting realistic look at loss, loaded with positive life affirming helps for for coping and loss as a child. It’s a book that promotes honest and healthy grief and growth. So this book, see if you can find it sad isn’t bad, a good grief guidebook for kids dealing with loss written by Michelin Lundy and illustrated by our W ally. It’s just a very helpful book to have to help guide your child and, you know, work through emotions that we’ll be having in this situation. 

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