Schkidules Visual Schedules: The Perfect Tool for Organizing Kids’ Daily Routines

Product Description:

This article describes Schkidules Visual Schedules, a product designed to help kids stay organized and focused by displaying their daily routines visually and interactively. The article explains how the product works and its benefits and provides examples of how to use it.

  • INCLUDES: SchKIDules Deluxe Box Set features 132 home, school, and unique needs-themed activity magnets plus 21 headings magnets. This Deluxe set caters to kids who may have more on their schedule than others, have added special education or IEP needs, and for kids who could also benefit from the use of behavioral prompts.
  • EASY TO USE: Easy for parents, fun for kids! Design multiple visual schedule setups. The deluxe set’s heading sheet allows for setting up daily and weekly calendars. You can create everything from daily to-do lists and routine teachers to weekly schedules and responsibility charts when your child’s ready.
  • BEHAVIORAL GAME CHANGER: Behavioral benefits with visual reinforcement. Use these magnets to help kids understand and remember what’s next and what’s expected. Kids are visual learners. Toddlers with ADHD and some kids on the autism spectrum thrive on these visual supports.
  • EDUCATIONAL AND FUN: Visual academic and behavioral magnetic schedule for kids. Your child will love this approach to learning, independence, and behavioral expectations. The fun but clear picture communicates on their level and, at the same time, put parents and children on the same page.
  • LONG LASTING: SchKIDules magnets are a robust 35 mil quality thickness (same as car magnets), 2″ x 2″ in size, precut for your convenience, and laminated with a dry-erase nice finish. Most importantly, they are MADE IN THE USA.
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with a corsetry educational toy review. And today I have a product that’s really, really helpful. It’s called Skittles by the company Skittles. Now with these are these are visual schedules for children Deluxe collection box, there’s 132, homeschool, and speed, special activity magnets plus 21 headings. Now, this these activity magnets are each two by two and can be used on any magnetic receptive surface for the creation of instant visual schedules. It’ll help improve behavior, teach routines, increase independence, communicate more clearly and so much more. Now, let me show you, I set up a couple here. So this is what you have, you have the days of the week, the numbers, the coordinate. Now, these are just some I’m going to show you some more in a minute. But these are some of the really amazing, beautifully made magnetic schedule events and activities. So you can create I use this during COVID for my daughter, because at that time, she was three years old. So what I did was I set this up, I didn’t use all of these, but I would use the ones that applied to her, we would have breakfast and we have tabletop and we have activity, we go out to the park, we have lunch, I would do that so that she would know what we were doing. Because we really had to come up with very concrete schedules for her in order to her for her to thrive and you know, learn a lot during COVID. So that’s some here, let me show you how many more there are, I’ll just put this down. Excuse my hand. Sorry about that. I should have done it this way. So anyway, there’s a lot more, I’m gonna move the tray now. There’s so many different ones. There’s social group video games, explaining that there’s a new person coming over clear the stairs, there’s so many of them. And once again, here’s how you one way you can use it on the magnetic tray. That’s a nice little I use that tray all the time. There’s lotion, it just depends on what your child needs to work on. And what their goals are, you can change these daily, and they all fit right back into this little box. It’s just a helpful thing to have. Here. You have church, you have there, the table of dishes, cars, haircut, maybe planning ahead for your child to know what’s up and coming that day, Movie Night. Special Event, you know, and there’s more. There’s potty ones, I just don’t have it in front of me. Here’s the here’s the team doctor here. There’s showering so that your child knows what the family time so that your child knows what they need to do next. And there’s a bunch more here. So here’s dismissal deodorant. So it depends on what your child’s needs are. But this is a really comprehensive pack. You can create there’s so many specific ones kabhi therapies, shoes science, so you can use it not just for school for home, you can use it for if you’re doing home school, that’s also another way you can use this. So here it is once again a sample and see if this is something that could benefit you or even your students to have on hand. And this if you liked this video, you can do so below and then subscribe to the channel because I’m gonna be reviewing many many different products that I think are helpful in the classroom and at home for families.

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