Melissa and Doug’s Scissor Skills Book 1 Review

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This article introduces Melissa and Doug’s Scissor Skills Book 1, a fun and educational activity book that helps children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The article explains the benefits of using the book and provides a detailed review of its contents.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree educational toy review. And I wanted to show you something that I have in my house that I thought was great. It’s a great activity for children. It’s called scissor skills. And it’s from Melissa and Doug, it comes with a pair of scissors. And let me show you some of the things that your child could cut out and work with you on right here you have a barn seen, they can cut this out, then they can take it a step further and put it on a piece of construction paper and make it an arts and crafts thing. And you can make it put it on a larger piece of paper, you can maybe even cut out your own ducks and chickens and things for the farm. So you can turn it into not only scissor practice, but an arts and crafts project. Here, there’s pieces of fruit, my daughter and I actually cut this all out and we made a really big fruit bowl out of construction paper and she had fun putting the pieces in the fruit bowl. And there’s large this is nice house. There’s a lot of things in here for the children to practice with cutting. Here’s a piece of pizza this would be better for like a little bit older for I use this, the other ones on my plate with my preschooler, but I think this might be a little more appropriate for maybe a kindergartener or a first grader because it’s a little difficult to cut circles. The large circle is fine, but the little ones it’s a little bit tricky, but it’s also great, because you can keep this for a couple of years, save some of the projects that are a little bit more complex for the older child and get a lot of use out of this book. So that’s kind of great. Here’s another one. Here’s a nice snowman. Again, you can cut it out pasted down on the big piece of oak tag maybe and make a whole winter scene. So this is just a great thing to have. It encourages scissor skills, fine motor, but it also it’s fun and it’s an arts and crafts activity as well as an educational activity. So see if you can find it. We love it. I actually bought this one because we used up the other one and she wanted another one. So I got another one. Great idea to have on hand green idea for gifts. Excellent idea to give. It’s neat to bring a gift to somebody’s house for a birthday. Great activity. So I hope you find it I hope you enjoy it like we do.

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