Scrambled States of America Game: Fun and Educational Board Game for Kids

Scrambled States of America Game A fun and educational board game for kids to learn about the 50 states of America. Scrambled States 123456789 $19.99 In stock
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The Scrambled States of America Game is a fun and educational board game designed to teach kids about the 50 states of America. Players must match states based on their attributes, such as their shape, color, and location, while also learning interesting facts about each state. With colorful illustrations and engaging gameplay, this game is perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with equal auditory educational toy review. And let me show you a great toy that I’ve had my family for quite a while. It’s called scrambled STATES OF AMERICA game, and it won two awards. The first one is Oppenheim, toy portfolio, best toy award, gold seal. And then at one doctor toy winner 100 best children’s products. This is great, because here’s what it’s going to teach your child. It’s going to teach your child the states, it’s going to teach your child, the capitals of the states, and it’s going to teach your child the nicknames of the states, as well. And so they’re gonna learn a lot of different things. But they’re also going to learn how to have play game and be a good sport. It’s competitive, but yet, it’s very fun. And let me show you how you play it. So you’re going to take each person gets five parts, these are the state parts, I’m going to put them out. So you put them in front of you like so. There we go. All right, then when it’s your turn, you pick one of these scrambled cards, and the scramble card is a question that has to do with the different cards and it says, this state starts with the letter M, do you look at yours, oh, I got Minnesota. So you quickly, the whole thing is, there’s a lot of people playing at one time, and you want to make sure you hurry and you go up, I got Minnesota. So you got I got Minnesota, and then you get to keep both of these. And then you put it over in your pile and you turn it over. So you’re putting it like so you could see what’s turned over, and you’re gonna put that over there, then you get another state. And you put it with the rest of your state cards. The point of the story here is as far as the rules go, you want to get as many matches as you can. So you’re everyone’s scrambling. That’s why it’s called scrambled States of America, everyone’s scrambling to make sure that they fill the scrambled card. Some of them are location, and some of them are pertain to the actual card because the card had one eye is the card has two eyes. So this one has two eyes. This one has one eye, this one’s wearing glasses, that so they’re going to they’re trying to get you to become familiar with the different cards, the shapes of the states are accurate. This one says the state starts and ends with a vowel. So let’s see, do I have any? Nope, I don’t have it. So somebody else will be able to get that one, they would take the scrambled card, and they would match it up with the state card that pertains to it, and they would put it in their pile. And you just keep grabbing new state cards as you match and fulfill whatever’s on the card. This one here, it says this, this state is purple, I don’t have it, somebody else might have it. So in any case, it’s a whole bunch of different questions. And then what’s really fun too, sometimes, they asked a question, let me see if I could find one where it’s, it’s going to be location, which is great. So here, so you’ll have a location card that’ll come up. So you’re gonna take that when it says go the distance, you get the card, and you’re gonna say for example, touches Tennessee. So you look at all your cards quickly. You look here so you’re able to locate does my card does the state that I have fulfilled this it touches Tennessee, that’s what’s great is that they start learning where the states are located, what they’re known for the nicknames. It’s just overall, one of my favorites as far as educational toys goes. And I really highly recommend this. It’s tremendous fun. And you know, what’s even better about this is that the adults can sit and play it and be challenged as well because not everyone knows exactly where all the states are. So this is a great game for everybody to play. And it’s a great business a great depth of knowledge for everyone to know. So I hope you see if you could find it scrambled States of America. See if you could find it. It’s a wonderful game.

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