Key Education’s Sentence Building Toy: An Educational and Fun Game for Kids

 “Sentence Building Toys for Kids: Key Education’s Fun and Educational Game”

Product Description:

Key Education’s Sentence Building toy is an engaging and educational game for kids to learn sentence structure and grammar skills while having fun. With over 90 word and punctuation tiles, kids can create thousands of unique sentences and improve their language skills in a fun and interactive way.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE LEARNING TOOL: Practice building proper sentences with familiar sight words and picture cards with Key Education’s Sentence Building set. The set teaches the use of capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure engagingly.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: This learning tool features 55 (2.2-inch x 2.2-inch) word cards color-coded by parts of speech, game and activity ideas, four punctuation cards, and 27 photo cards.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Construct simple sentences by interlocking puzzle pieces to create sentence strips, and practice early reading and writing with the set’s fun puzzle-piece card tiles and interactive games.
  • WORKING TOGETHER: Great for both homeschool and classroom learning, the Sentence Building set includes teaching suggestions and multiple reading and writing games to work alongside students to build vocabulary and grammar and increase fluency.
  • WHY KEY EDUCATION: Key Education products are designed by former Special Education teachers to meet the diverse needs of all students—helping them to reach their highest potential in learning, communication, social skills, emotions, and behavior.
Patrice’s Recommendations:
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree educational toy review. Today I have sentence building from key education. It’s an open ended learning game. And I’ll tell you why. So it’s a game. So it’s it’s created so that it’s fits like a puzzle, you’re going to be taking different words, putting it together, there’s punctuation, you have the question mark, you have the period here. So it comes with photos of different objects, different common objects. So the kids can become very creative. And I made a couple of sentences here. I just have it on this tray. So I created the sentences. And here, come play with me. And then I put a picture at the end. And you would use the period ally. I didn’t put it here, because I had it up here for now. But it’s something that it’s really a terrific tool to make learning to read. More fun, includes the ability for the children to recognize sight words, or SNAP words that they’re learning. And they, they can make it as long or as short as they want to, when they create these sentences. And then there’ll become, they’ll become more familiar with the different snap and sight words that they’re working on. And it’s nice because children love puzzles. So it combines literacy, and learning and learning language, and learning how to put things together grammatically, so that it’s correct. There’s a guidebook included inside, it’s a great tool, because I’m going to be using this this afternoon, I’m going to select out the sight words my daughter’s working on. And again, when you do something like this, and you play with your child, I don’t think you should spend more than five or 10 minutes on it before you switch to another activity, because you don’t want them to shut down. You don’t want them to get oversaturated with any one project that you’re working on or one activity, because then that’ll that’ll present with resistance later if you sit there and kind of drill them with it. But it’s a nice different alternative to just writing over and over again. They’re snapper sight words here, they’re going to physically touch the sight word, put it together have the picture so it makes more sense to them. It has more input for them and it creates something more visual that they can understand how the different words go with the picture for example. So it’s a great idea to include some working on items from school, and yet not oversaturated with it open ended learning games sentence building from key education. something helpful to have at home to reinforce literacy concepts from school if you liked this video, please do so below and subscribe to my channel.

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