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This article introduces the Sequence Letter Game, a fun and educational toy that helps children learn letters and improve their spelling skills. The article explains the benefits of using the game and provides a detailed review of its features and gameplay, making it a must-read for parents looking for new and engaging ways to help their children learn.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s educational toy review. Today I have sequence letters from A to Z by Goliath. I like this toy because it incorporates a few different things that children need to learn. And let me show you, okay, here’s the board on the board are common objects and animals that children would easily recognize. Okay? Then it comes with three sets of plastic discs, those are going to be their markers. Here are the bunch of cards with all the letters on them. So let’s grab one and do it. Okay, so here’s the letter K. All right, so what what the child needs to do here? So there’s different ways of doing this. So number one, they’re going to recognize the letter, what letter recognition which they need later for automaticity? What does that that’s when immediately you show them live, they immediately know they don’t have to think about it. That’s a skill they’re going to need from kindergarten going into first grade. Okay, so they have the letter recognition, then they have object recognition, they have color recognition, because it’s beautifully colored, you can turn it into a color lesson where you’re explaining, okay, you found something that starts with K, what color is it? Okay, the other thing you can also teach them is they need to know the sound that the letter makes. So you would say what sound does this letter make, then they look and they search on the board, and they’re able to find whatever, there’s kangaroo right here. They take their disk, put it down on the kangaroo. And they continue in this fashion until there’s no cards left. It’s not a bingo word has to be in a certain order. But by using the disk, you can see which colors you’re finding which letters, you know, and whatnot, it’s a great way of parents and caregivers to learn. Where are the difficulties with my child? What letters are they having difficulty with? So it’s terrific with color, and common words and object and animal recognition. It’s good for identifying the sound that starts the different object words. It’s also good for phonics, teaching the child how to actually enunciate the sound of each of the letters, and is you know, once again, the color recognition. So it’s just a beautiful game. Actually, I’m going to play with this with my daughter later. And so yeah, all the games that I’ve review on here, these are all things I’ve either purchased or have been given to me by friends for birthday parties and such. So I’m really being objective here telling you about these different toys because I wouldn’t have purchased them and I wouldn’t have asked for them for my daughter if I didn’t think they had purpose, Merritt, and they were helpful to have in the home. So let’s do this. Once again, sequence letters from A to Z by Goliath. Check it out. It’ll help you with your pre reader, and it’s just a fun game. You can even play it with kids who are slightly older. Great game

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