Snappy Dressers Card Game – Improve Memory and Matching Skills

Snappy Dressers Card Game A fast-paced card game that improves memory and matching skills. Features whimsical illustrations of animals in various outfits. Snappy Dressers 123456789 $14.99 In stock
Product Description:

Snappy Dressers is a fast-paced card game that tests players’ memory and matching skills. The game features brightly colored cards with whimsical illustrations of animals in various outfits. Players take turns flipping over cards and trying to match the animal with the correct outfit. The player with the most matches at the end of the game is the winner.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree educational toy review. And today I have a great toy called snappy dressers. It’s by Mattel. And I love this game because it’s, I’m a very big fan of games that help prompt language and discussions between children. So here’s an example of how you play it. You see these two characters, your child, you put them in front of your child, you say, hey, what do they have in common? So you could say they’re pandas, they’re both wearing pants. They’re both wearing shoes. They’re both wearing hats. And then as they continue with the game, you can see what do they have in common with other cards that you’re looking at. And it continues and continues. So I like this because it’s a game that helps discussion. It helps children with their language skills. It helps children learn how to express themselves and to say, this is what I think about this. Anything that helps prompt a child to discuss things with you, in my opinion, is a just great, great toy. And you would be surprised I work on this with my daughter, it really helps their self esteem because they’re so proud of themselves when they know different words. And for example, a hat. There’s different types of hat there might be like on the cover here. This is a cap. So there’s different types of words that can fall under hats of different kinds. So it helps to prompt discussion. It helps them to understand things that are in common things that are not in common with different outfits and different people and different characters in the deck. It helps them to be able to make associations, so it’s a terrific game. Once again, snappy dressers, it’s by Mattel, see if you could find it and I hope you enjoy this great game. 

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