Sometimes My Brother by Angie Greenlaw: Exploring the Joys and Challenges of Sibling Relationships


Sometimes My Brother’ by Angie Greenlaw is a heartfelt children’s book that explores the unique bond between siblings. Through a series of relatable and engaging anecdotes, the book captures the ups and downs of sibling dynamics, highlighting the love, support, and occasional conflicts that exist within these relationships. This review delves into the book’s themes of empathy, understanding, and the importance of family connections, celebrating its ability to resonate with children and foster a deeper appreciation for their siblings.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with acorn tree children’s book review. And today I have a book called, sometimes my brother helping kids understand autism through siblings eyes by Angie Healy, photographed by Lee and Whitman. And here is a great book. This book here explains, through the perspective of a child, it’s his story, explaining what it’s like to have a child in your family with autism and how it affects who you are as a person, and how you learn empathy and compassion for people around you. So this is a great book three year old foster explains his perspective of his older brother Gavin, who has autism. This adorable picture book shows readers the challenges the boys face as and the obstacles they overturn. Beautiful photographs bring you right into their living room, school and playground. It adds an essential element of reality to the story. So this book is a book from the child’s perspective of a three year old as he discusses his older brother and how his life is a little different maybe but how he makes that life special and how his family together all work together and create a wonderful life for the whole family. So once again, sometimes my brother helping kids understand autism through siblings, eyes by Angie Healy photography by Lee Ann wooden.

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