Tell Me Again About the Day I Was Born: A Heartwarming Tale by Jaimie Lee Curtis


‘Tell Me Again About the Day I Was Born’ by Jaimie Lee Curtis is a heartwarming children’s book that celebrates the miracle of birth and the love between parents and their child. This review delves into the book’s touching narrative, beautiful illustrations, and the important messages it conveys about family and unconditional love. It explores how the book can serve as a tool for parents to share the story of their child’s birth and create lasting memories.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn Khatri children’s book review. And today I have a book called Tell me again about the night I was born. It’s by Jamie Lee Curtis, and it’s illustrated by Laura Cornell. And this book is really special because it explains to a little girl it’s really a story written. With her in mind, she’s recalling how in the past her family’s told her about the day she was born in here, it’s illustrated in a very engaging way. It’s a beautiful story about how a family comes together, how it’s created, and how everyone is so excited to introduce this new little baby to their family. I love it because it’s a very important book to share so that children understand there’s all different types of families, and they come together through love. And it’s just a wonderful story. It’s warm and sharing it with your child is so meaningful. So again, it’s telling me again about the night I was born by Jamie Lee Curtis, illustrated by Laura Cordell. See if you could find this book. It’s so special and share it with your family. 

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