The Baby Dances by Kathy Henderson: A Delightful Journey of Movement and Joy


 “The Baby Dances” by Kathy Henderson is a heartwarming exploration of the pure joy of movement and expression in babies. Follow along as the little ones dance, twirl, and play, capturing the essence of innocence and happiness.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review. And today I have one of my favorite stories that I used to read to my kids. And it’s called the baby dances. And it’s by Kathy Henderson. And it’s illustrated by Tony Karen’s, it’s such a really pretty book. The thing I liked about it is it shows children how babies develop. So here it starts with what’s going on when the baby is born. And it has really beautiful poetry and explains in rhythmic rhyming text, what’s going on with the baby. And as the baby gets older, you know that seasons start to change. So you’ll see in the background, they have little parts of showing that what time of year it is. So here you can see it’s spring. And then as the baby gets older, I just found it to be such a beautifully illustrated book. So here she is, in this summer, she’s getting older. And look at the beautiful shading shown here. Just very beautiful illustrations as well as fun text to read. And here’s the fall, and how the baby’s gotten bigger. So it’s just a beautiful story telling a child how a baby develops and how during as the seasons progressed, the child grows. So it’s a great idea for a book for a child who’s going to be having a baby joining their family. Again, it’s called the baby dances. It’s by Kathy Henderson. And it’s illustrated by Tony Karen’s, see if you can find it just a wonderful story for children to engage them in the development of a baby and what goes on in that very first year. 

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