The Way Mothers Are” by Miriam Schlein: A Heartwarming Celebration of Motherhood


“The Way Mothers Are” by Miriam Schlein is a touching children’s book beautifully portrays the special bond between mothers and their children. Through vivid illustrations and heartfelt prose, the book celebrates the unique qualities of mothers and the unconditional love they provide.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review today I have a book called The Way mothers are. It’s by Miriam slime. And it’s illustrated by Joe Lasker. And the thing about this book I thought was great was not only is the text, beautifully rhyming, and it’s just easy and fun to read. It explains to the child no matter what the mother is always going to love the little child, even with the misbehaviors and things and the child really wants to know and children do want to know these things. So it’s just illustrated beautifully when I misbehave you still love me? Yes. When I make a mess, you still love me? Yes. So again by Marian Schlein, and it’s illustrated by Joe Lasker a beautiful book, The Way mothers are 

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