Topics in Autism Right From the Start: A Book Review

“Unlocking the Potential: A Review of ‘Topics in Autism Right From the Start’ by Sandra Harris, Ph.D. and Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D.”

“Topics in Autism Right From the Start” is an essential guide for parents and professionals seeking effective behavioral interventions for young children with autism. This comprehensive book covers a range of topics, including early intervention strategies, behavior analysis techniques, and practical advice for supporting children on the autism spectrum. The review delves into the book’s expertise, clarity, and practicality, highlighting its value in empowering families and professionals to make a positive difference in the lives of children with autism.

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This is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree parenting book reviews. And I have this book that I have from my library. It’s called Topics in Autism Right From the Start Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism, a Guide for Parents and Professionals from Sandra Harris, Ph.D. and Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D. So what this book does is it helps to examine what ABA, which is applied behavioral analysis, is precisely what that is about when a child is going on the journey of intensive behavioral interventions and how ABA can help that child to progress. So a brief description. This is written in an accessible-friendly style right from the start and explains how the teaching method known as intensive behavioral intervention can benefit young children with Autism and Related Disorders. This includes all children who are diagnosed that they fall within the broad spectrum of pervasive developmental disorder PDD, especially five and younger; the guide begins by discussing ABA, the center component of intensive behavioral intervention. So I’ve worked in classrooms where we’ve done ABA for children. And essentially, what it does is it break down goals into small digestible pieces. And it reinforces to that child so that they can measure and have a little, like usually a piece of paper has something in front of them, showing that they earn tokens, for example. And then, when they reach a certain number of tokens, they take the task broken down. In the end, they can look forward visually and see what their reinforcement will be, whether it’s working on the computer coloring, playing with playdough, or something of that nature. So this book will help parents understand what ABA is; I’m concerned I don’t know what it is. It’ll help you to understand how intervention for children with different types of behavioral issues and or developmental disorders. So this helps intensive behavioral intervention is described in detail as far as your child and what their classification is, it’ll explain the different types of classifications. It’ll also explain how this method could be beneficial for your child. So see if you can find the topics in autism right from the start. behavioral intervention for young children with Autism a guide for parents and professionals; Sandra Harris, Ph.D., and Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D. wrote the book. Hopefully, this will be a helpful tool for you and your family.

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