What’s Wrong With Timmy: Embracing Differences and Fostering Empathy


‘What’s Wrong With Timmy’ is a thought-provoking children’s book that explores the concept of differences and acceptance. Through the story of Timmy, readers are encouraged to embrace diversity and foster empathy. This review dives into the impactful narrative, relatable characters, and powerful message conveyed in the book. Discover the importance of inclusivity and the beauty of embracing individuality in ‘What’s Wrong With Timmy.’

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 Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with the afford to treat children’s book with you and today I have what’s wrong with Timmy? It’s by Maria Shriver, and it’s illustrated by Sandra Speidel. So I want to read to you what Maria Shriver actually says on the back cover. Anytime children see other children who look taller or act differently, their first question usually is, what’s wrong with them? My hope is that this little book will help children understand that kids with disabilities are not to be feared, pitied or ridiculed, but are to be embraced, challenged and included. It is I believe, one way to teach our children that no matter how we are born, we are all God’s unique children. And it’s that’s just a beautiful quote on the back that I’m so glad that she did that. Essentially, it teaches children empathy, and it teaches them that everyone deserves respect, and that everyone should be included and everyone’s different, and they have their different qualities, but that’s only to be respected and really appreciated. So beautiful story by Maria Shriver, illustrated by Sandra Seidel. What’s wrong with Timmy and it’s a beautiful book that teaches empathy and compassion and love

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