When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry: A Journey of Emotional Regulation – Book Review


This book review dives into the captivating children’s book, “When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry.” It explores how the book effectively portrays Sophie’s emotional journey when she experiences intense anger. The review highlights the book’s vibrant illustrations, relatable storyline, and valuable lessons about managing and expressing emotions in a healthy way. Discover how this book can help children understand and navigate their own feelings of anger and develop emotional regulation skills.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree children’s book review. Today I have a book called When Sophie Gets Angry Angry by Molly Bang. And it won two awards, as you can see right here, the Caldicott Medal for beautiful illustrations and art and the Charlotte Zolotow. Reward as well. And this book is excellent. And I’ll show you just one significant page here. That’s one of my favorite pages, showing how something here it’s, validating and expressing with beautiful artwork how it feels to be a child being frustrated and getting very angry. The book illustrates it beautifully because it validates children are people with feelings. It expresses why she gets upset. It tells precisely the feelings erupting inside her when she’s angry. But it also shows how she finds her way through the anger into a calmer place. So the story is very, very poignant, and beneficial to have. And it’s just a wonderful picture. So the children around you, when you’re reading it to them, they get the idea. Once again, When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry by Molly Bang, is a beautiful book, see if you can find it. It will be an excellent tool for discussing tantrums and angry feelings with your child. 

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