Zingo Sight Words: The Fun Way to Teach High-Frequency Words

ThinkFun Zingo Award Winning Early Reading Game for Pre-K to 2nd Grade – Toy of the Year Finalist, A Fun and Educational Game Developed by Educators for Boys and Girls

Zingo Sight Words An educational game designed to help children learn and recognize high-frequency words. ThinkFun 123456789 $19.99 In stock
Product Description:

Zingo Sight Words is a popular educational game designed to help children learn and recognize high-frequency words. The game features colorful tiles and fast-paced gameplay, making it engaging and fun for children of all ages. Zingo Sight Words is a great tool for building literacy skills and is suitable for children who are just starting to read or need extra practice.

Patrice’s Recommendations:
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree and I’m going to talk to you about think farms game called Cinco. This is the bingo with zing. It’s a great game. It’s for ages four to eight. And let me show you how to play it. All right. So it comes with the instructions. And then it comes with these different plastic pieces and boards. So there’s a lot of boards in here you can if it’s a younger child, you can give them one and maybe you’re teaching them how to play. So you can have one as well. And the way it works is you turn the Zingo plastic word, I guess, holder, and then you would go like this. So then it says For instar. So that way each person is is there a foot online? No. Is there a star on mine? Okay, no, there isn’t. So then you just leave them there. Okay, now we have a ghost and we have a dog. Once again, let’s see, do we have them? Nope, don’t have them in there. A foot and a smile. Okay, so I have a smile. So you would put it like right on your right on top of your board. And there’s a foot here and that’s not anywhere. So then you just continue in this fashion. Now the smile is already taken, so you don’t need that. And there’s another one for dog once again, you don’t need that. Okay, so you just continue in this way. And it teaches children different words, so that they’re able to associate the actual sight word with the actual object. So for example, there’s house, they’ll start to become familiar with the sight words, and it’ll help them learn once again, taking turns, being a good sport, not getting annoyed, if they’re not winning. And it’s just a nice take on bingo. I really think this is a great, great game to help children to become aware and start becoming familiar with sight words. So I really like this game. I recommend it and it’s I think fun once again. Here’s all the instructions with all the pieces right in the breakfast. Right red box. I think fun, great idea for a game to introduce sight words and turn taking.

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