Central Auditory Processing

Central Auditory Processing

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) is when the brain has difficulty interpreting and organizing auditory information, even when hearing is normal. This condition can lead to difficulty understanding speech, following directions, and distinguishing between similar sounds. 

I became a teacher to learn as much as possible about learning difficulties and processing disorders. I have central auditory processing disorder, and what it has always meant to me is that if I hear I have been in class and tried to pay attention, I could not filter out background sounds, such as someone tapping a pencil or a lawnmower that was right next to my classroom window. I also have attention deficit disorder. As a child, I had difficulty learning to read, and I also had trouble learning higher-level math concepts. 

As a teacher, I have learned that using an FM system allowed me to facilitate students who had attention deficit disorder and various types of processing disorders. An FM system isolates and amplifies the instructor's voice and filters out background noise to better instruct students. I am compiling a list of products that have researched to help families and educators to have access to products to help empower students with different learning abilities.

Here are some products that can help children with CAPD at home and in the classroom:

FM Systems are personal amplification devices where the teacher wears a microphone, and the child wears a receiver. This helps in reducing background noise


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Noise-Canceling Headphones: Helps reduce ambient noise, making it easier for the child to focus.


 Ideal for blocking noise caused Ideal for blocking noise caused by large crowds, airports, sporting events, garden and household tools, or any other troublesome noise or sound

  • Perfect for kids on the autism spectrum for blocking out crowds and other triggers
  • Lightweight and comfortable to suit little ones. Padded ear cushions offer superior comfort and a snug fit
  • Foldable for easy storage and portability. Adjustable (just slide the cups up and down the wire frame to adjust), so they fit children as young as six months and as old as grandpa

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Please note that while these products can aid in mitigating the effects of CAPD, they are not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Always consult with healthcare providers for a comprehensive treatment plan. These products can be helpful but should be part of a broader treatment strategy, including therapy, educational accommodations, and ongoing support from healthcare and educational professionals.

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