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I have curated over 1,000 websites into this educational portal that contain:


  • Academic curriculum for students from preschool through high school
  • Art classes
  • Exercise classes
  • Educational worksheets
  • Available in 13 languages

What Inspired me to create

Acorn to Tree learn and Grow?

I have reviewed all of the websites that are embedded here because I wanted to have a portal of amazing resources to go to whenever I needed a dinner idea or if I wanted to find some curriculum support for my daughter or locate a fun and easy craft project


When Covid-19 hit, I was so worried that I would not be able to provide my daughter with educational support and creative experiences.

Family Resources

The Acorn to Tree mission is to provide children with free resources to ensure that every child has access to academic and recreational support at home

Acorn To Tree Printables

Crafting With Kids

Create fun and easy crafts with your children by encouraging educational concepts with these activities.

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